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UPDATE - 10/21/2020

We're back after years of starts, stops, ups, downs, life, deaths, marriages, breakups and divorces. The guys are working on completing bunch of new songs and putting the finishing touches on some never completed old ones. Paul Mauled of the Bad Whoremoans just completed some guest vocals and guitars on a track called Red Flags that we think you're gonna love and we hope to be able to share that with you all soon. Lots of stuff in the works so I guess keep you eyes peeled.

One more thing we made a Bandcamp page which we plan on updating regularly



UPDATE - 03/06

The band flew out to Southern California to get some special guest performances recorded and have a little fun. First stop was at George Paras' (ADZ, Bonecrusher) studio just outside of Anaheim. Mike “Gabby” Gaborno, singer for the Cadillac Tramps and Manic Hispanic, did vocals on two cover songs (Love Song and Burning Love). For those that are familiar with Gabby’s Manic persona, he definitely put that stamp on these tracks. Next stop was up Interstate 5 to the home of Rikk Agnew, legendary punk guitarist for such bands as the Adolescents, D.I. and Christian Death. We tracked guitar solos in his living room for a new version of the EF classic “Dead By Dawn”. Later in the day Tina Winter of Voodoo Church stopped by and lent her sexy voice to the same song, inspiring Rik to add some background vocals. Both did a really great job. The last stop of the day was a little outside of Hollywood at the home and studio of Greg Hetson, guitarist for Bad Religion and Circle Jerks. Greg recorded lead guitar tracks on two new songs. The last session of the week was back at our friend George’s home studio near Anaheim with Tony of the Adolescents doing vocals and George recording some smoking lead guitar tracks.

Danny Frankenstein, Tina Winter, C.A. Richie, Rikk Agnew and Lenny Love