Tony Reflex - Leader singer of the Adolescents and ADZ. Tony is the lead screamer on the song you are listening to, Annihilaton Street. He is the first of many special guests that will be featured on our upcoming album.

Danny Frankenstein - Bass - Former member of legendary punk rock n' roll band Electric Frankenstien and at one time or another played in these other bands... Shadow Project (w/Rozz Williams of Christian Death fame on vocals and Eva O. of Super Heroines on guitar), Kathedral, Empire Hideous, Maggott SS, Melvis Kepper, and The Kung Fu Killers.

C.A. Ritchey - Guitar - Played guitar for NJ hardcore punk legends Rosemary's Babies (w/Eerie Von on drums!) and in a very early incarnation of Samhain (w/Glenn Danzig & Eerie Von).

Lenny Love - Guitar - Former guitar player of The Mopes (w/ ex-Misfit Michael Graves), Kathedral, Melvis Kepper and was lead singer of the notorious Vicious Vibes (aka The Vicious Vibrators). One Time (literally) bodyguard/roadie for no wave legend from the future VON LMO.

Crazy Joe Martin - Drums - Former drummer for Kill Your Idols

**Recent Guests**

Rikk Agnew (Adolescents, Christian Death)
Greg Hetson (Bad Religion, Circle Jerks)
Tina Winter (Voodoo Church)
Gabby (Manic Hispanic, Cadillac Tramps)
George Paras (ADZ, Bonecrusher)